two reasons

The title is a conscious objection to Nielsen’s Top 10 Design Mistakes in Weblog Usability.

I don’t have two reasons. I don’t have two of anything.

What I do have is a mutli-modal post, wherein I not only use my blog to MIX TOPICS but to MIX THEM IN ONE POST!!

I am:

Wishing I had time to knit something.

Wishing I had $$ for new running shoes and time to use them.

Wondering how on earth I will read what I need to in the time that I have to prepare for exams.

Realizing that it could snow, now, and no one would be that surprised.

Holding small group conferences for three classes, and frantically reading drafts to keep up.

Ignoring the housecleaning. Utterly.

I am:

Laughing, hard, about turning heels while knitting socks. [“No!! I TURNED THE HEEL, DAMMIT! AREN’T YOU PROUD??”]

Experiencing true, forward motion in the march toward exams. Having that motion include hyper-forward motion, in that as the exams shift, my reading lists begin to include books I’ve actually read before. [YES!]

Planning a trip to the orchard to pick apples and buy pumpkins and make pies with LARD. 🙂

Holding small group conferences in the lounge with couches and coffee and being able to compliment a student’s “flair for narrative.”

Spending a morning with little J, reading his books. I say “Duck!” He says “Da-BAH!” I say “Fish!” He says “Gup-BEE!”

And BTW: little J has discovered Mr. Rogers. He’s mesmerized on the couch right now watching Mr. R, who’s playing with string and cardboard. That man was a genius.

“Everybody’s fancy; everybody’s fine. Your body’s fancy, and so is mine.”



4 thoughts on “two reasons

  1. Mr. Rogers was such an amazing man. That sweet, gentle voice, totally without irony. I loved the puppets when I was little.

    I so amazed that Young Master J knows “guppy”–he skipped over fish as a general category and went directly to naming the individual varieties! Next, you’ll be pointing to “duck” and he’ll say “Teal” or “Mallard.” Truly.

  2. Lard is the key to perfect pie crust.
    But, alas, no pork in our house.
    My mother in law gets great results with shortening. Add this to the things I miss out on from the pig, including italian sweet sausage, bacon and incredibly expensive prosciutto.

  3. I got him back for the sock debacle — after he spent untold hours programming something into MAPLE (a math-based programming environment), he says to me, “Look, I can generate random numbers!” When my joy at this announcement was less than expected, I could only cry, “Remember the heel!”

    Can’t wait ’till Sunday 🙂 🙂 I did the distance in 29:56 today! Whee!

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