the fastest post ever

the quickest post, to ward off white space:

1. Hannah is teaching Jack to read. He’s already through the first three painful chapters of _Dick and Jane_. Don’t ask me where that book came from–but he’s reading! It’s exciting!

2. Gearing up for the crizzazy birthday trek to SE VA to celebrate the gazillion grandkid b-days that take place in October.

3. Changed one exam area to Technology and Pedagogy. Looking for a reader. Anyone interested?

4. Presented at a conference here at SU last weekend–a kind of warm-up for my presentation for a panel I’ll be on in Atlanta at SAMLA. It went rather well, I think, and am excited for the trip next month. Still looking for a roommate, by the way. Anyone interested?

5. Josh is still binky-fied and nursing once a night. Hoping that our extended separation in Nov will wean him from at least one of those vices (the one attached to me). I’m also looking forward to UNINTERRUPTED sleep.

6. Bruegger’s Bagel 5K at Beaver Lake on Oct. 30. A good run! Anyone interested?