thought I couldn’t be madder

I’ve been sitting here for nearly a half hour, looking for some acknowledgment on the web of what Jim Amoss, edtior at the Times-Picayune, said this morning on GMA. I want a quote. I want more than what my meager brain is remembering. I actually want someone to show me that HE DIDN’T say what I think he said.

What I think he said was, in fewer, more well-chosen (or not-so-well-chosen) words: if there had been middle class white people locked in the Superdome and in the convention center, these rumors of rapings and beatings and murders would never have come up.

Basically, he said that white people would have handled the trauma in a more civilized, non-incendiary fashion. (??!!!!!)

He said it. He said, “Had it been middle class white people…” Because I looked at B, who looked back at me, mirroring my dumbfoundedness, and asked, “Did he just SAY THAT?”

B nodded. “He sure did.”

Somebody help me with this! They have the clip on the front of GMA page that was the lead-in to the interview with the Times-Picayune editor. But I might have the guy’s name wrong. (?)

Now I’m mad.


3 thoughts on “thought I couldn’t be madder

  1. Good Morning America transcripts are available on the lexis nexis search enginge, but there might be a few days’ delay before it’s on there….

  2. Isn’t he saying that the media would have been less likely to run those kinds of untrue stories? I think this is finding fault with the media, not the people in the convention center. I didn’t see the interview, so I could be wrong.

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