should be grading

I’m almost through the stack though, so a moment to yearn:

What I would *really* like right now is a yogi. I know, I know, I’m busier than crap and I need another activity like I need a hole in the head.

But hear me out. I’ve come around some kind of corner in the past month. I feel somehow older, wiser, quieter, more introspective, even, and more ready to really ramp up my yoga practice.

But it’s as though I’ve kind of plateau-ed, if you will, in practicing on my own. Not that my asana nor pranayama are “perfect”–far from it. But I need someone who can challenge me in ways that a video, book, or even a class can’t. So frequently classes (and videos) are geared toward “fitness”–I want to move from that into something more meditative, more life-transforming.

I have no idea what something like a private yoga session would cost. I’m thinking once a week, for a 1.5 or 2 hour session–anyone ever done such a thing?

I want to regain that part of me that used to be serene. I want to be less cynical, less skeptical, less hardened.

AND I wanted to post that I ran my first ever sub-hour 10K last weekend at the Bud Run here in Baldwinsville. It was tres fab. That’s another race we’ll return to next year. Great organization, great goodies, great route, great weather, etc etc.

Yonker, Madeline 57:54 9:19 (avg mile pace)

and because she kicks my ass:

Patterson, Deborah 54:16 8:44


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