god knows i don’t have time for this

A student of mine today told me, “I just know that what I write for this unit will be bad.”


I introduced the new unit today, one that models Wendy Hesford’s family photo analysis (no link, sorry).

He said, “I have no photos.”

I said, “Any photo can be subjected to close observation and analysis. ANY photo.”

He said, “I have no photos.”

I said, “None? None of you graduating? Playing sports? Hanging out with friends? Birthday parties when you were younger? Call your mom, she’ll send you some.”

He said, “Yes, but I couldn’t write anything about them. They didn’t have any meaning behind them. They were just football games, parties. Those things don’t mean anything.”

Ugh This is the point. They do mean something. This will be a hard unit, I guess.

In other, better news: I came across this gem at kottke.org:

“everything i do always comes back to me”

“trying to look good limits my life”

“everybody thinks they are right”

“money does not make me happy”

“thinking life will be better in the future is stupid. i have to live now”

“complaining is silly. act or forget.”

“having guts always works out for me”

I love every ONE of these. I need to put them on stickies stash them in places I’ll find them frequently. Not sure who Sagmeister is, but he’s onto something. If only I could get my freshman to worry less about how they look.


2 thoughts on “god knows i don’t have time for this

  1. I took a class from Wendy Hesford. We didn’t do this for a formal assignment, but we did bring photos and talk about them. I did this in a class, a first-year comp, and it went really well with many students but there were a few who acted like your student did. I have a list of readings I did in this unit at home somewhere. Email me and I can get the list to you, if you’re interested.

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