Yahoo news has taken the photo down where “white people find food.”

They have left up the photo of the young black man who “loots.” I won’t link to it, b/c I’m sickened. Finally I heard Matt Lauer, FINALLY after how many days of coverage, ask Tim Russert about the fact that nearly all the people who are stranded and DYING in NO are black and poor. Tim’s response? “It’s sad.” (!!??)

I want to strangle someone. Harry Connick is down there (in Baton Rouge), talking about how he could load up with water, hop in his car RIGHT now and get to the convention center in an hour. But they won’t let him.


5 thoughts on “sickening

  1. Yeah, they’ve been avoiding talking about “that,” but it’s certainly getting clearer and clearer. Many people don’t see the international connection between National Guardsmen in Iraq, and the lack of them in New Orleans. Many people don’t read the news to see that funding to strategically plan for this even was severely cut back by “them” — just two months ago. Many people listen to authorities say “I told them to get out,” and can’t visualize what it’s like for old folks, sick people in hospitals, mothers giving birth, and families with no car or money to “get out.” Where were the buses when they were told to “get out”?

  2. And you gotta love watching the news and seeing the President “comforting” the nice clean white couple standing beside what looked like a huge motorhome and nary a piece of wet pavement to be seen.

  3. I just saw an African American man bring it up on CNN. He was very well spoken and made the point well. It’s true that the rhetoric and vocabulary can influence the way people think. The other point that’s been made is about calling the people “refugees.” It exotifies them and makes them seem less like our people, Americans, which is what they are. We are neglecting our own people!

  4. there are a whole bunch of really interesting links up on the site senioritis is collecting. i’m thinking of sending my students there too.

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