how to make my stomach turn

be Carl Quintanilla on NBC and say that the 1500 (?) policemen and women in New Orleans have been asked, as night falls, to abandon search and rescue missions and instead to focus on curbing looting.

These people have lost everything. Damn. Let ’em get some stuff from Wal*Mart for free. God knows MalWart can afford it.


3 thoughts on “how to make my stomach turn

  1. yeah, i was reading somewhere (friend tam put a cool cool bloglink up in my lj) about how the cops’ biggest problem was that they were having a severe shortage of firepower.



    people are starving, baking to death stranded on highways, drowning in their own homes, running out of medicine, dehydrating in the middle of a flood because there’s no fresh water, & we’re prioritizing GUNS? what, are they gonna shoot the rising water?

  2. It is amazing that it took just a few days for people to degenerate to this kind of behavior. People in some of the shelters are not doing any better…we have a few refugee families in our Central State and one of them told me she was at a shelter in a big city and had to leave because people were lighting up crack pipes around her 3 and 4-year-od kids.

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