welcome, Damaris!

My dear friend from high school, Damaris, is having a baby. Not something that I imagined would ever happen, mostly because when I left her my junior year, she was the oldest of five children–or maybe was it six?–and I’m sure had had enough of mothering duties by the time she left for college for the rest of her life.

But, apparently not. I’ve already dissuaded her from reading any posts from my “momness” category, so that while she suffers now as a pregnant lady she’ll still feel as though she has something to look forward to.

Oh, I do love my babies. I do.

And today I did NOT nurse J-baby once. Every time he crawled up into my lap and did his little posturing (throw head back, bury face in boob, dig with little hands around to get my shirt up) I told him my milk was all gone. 😦

Of course, it’s not. I’m feeling all full and heavy now. But the day went surprisingly well. After I’d say, no, it’s all gone, I would hold him and hug him and he would kind of lay on me a little, but he seemed to understand and he did not ONCE throw one of his Monster fits.

We’ll see how tonight goes. He’s still up once a night to nurse, and I’m normally so beat that I just want him to go back to sleep so I throw him in bed with us and let him.

And because you’re asking, I’m sure: he’s 22 months. I think it’s time?


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  1. Ooooh. That’s me. I got mentioned in a *real* blog. How cool. When I went off to college I was the oldest of five, then midway through freshman year became the oldest of six (!!). My mom nursed my brother until he was 4!! And he’s the healthiest of us all. Cheers. How do you get rid of your milk anyway, when you don’t nurse anymore?

  2. Ohhhhh….on one hand I think it’s so sad and sweet that your little one wants Mommy’s comforting warm milk and then I remember that it’s all he’s ever known and just might be a habit. I speak with [deep voice, dramtic hand wave] experience as I hold my son, wondering if we will even make it to toddler nursing. He’s so picky about how things should be that John figures everyone in D.C. has seen my breasts…I can’t imagine how it will be when he’s able to move around on his own. I also wonder…this is a little weird, but do men ever think about how they once suckled at their mother’s breast? Now that’s a topic that I would like to see blogged about!

  3. WOW! You are a trooper, 22 months. I lasted only 6 weeks with my first and 3 with my second. And weaning them! The only thing I can say is “Oh my word!”

  4. Yah. Well, yesterday we fell off the wagon. He day-time nursed.

    And the night-nursing has been, well, a continued practice. That is, we haven’t stopped at all.

    ho hum. still a cow.

  5. I’m sorry. I’m a total stranger invading your space, but I was looking around the blogs today…read how you’re juggling motherhood with scholarship–been home with my kids three years, and want to go back for a PhD. I was NOT initially drawn to your site because of the nursing discussion, BUT, this post made my day.
    I have become a closet nurser. My daughter will be 2 in December…still nursing. I don’t mind. It’s not so strange after nearly two years. It’s cheaper. It’s faster. I heard some rumor that it is good for children? Nursed my son for 11 months, and then bless his heart, he stopped on his own. When that milestone came with Eleanor, she kept on sucking. Here we are, 21 months. Is there ever a good time for no one to get any sleep in the house? Will my 4-year-old understand why I’m ignoring his sister’s screams of “Mama! Mama!” These things take time.
    But, golly, I know too many people who have just had babies and talk about nursing like it’s creepy. Maybe three months, tops. After that, you’re clingy and pedophiliac. (maybe my friends suck?) So I hide it. Tired of the old, “You’re still nursing!?!” Leave me alone! We’re working it out between us. If it’s so G-D-F-ing unnatural, then why does my body keep producing the stuff??? Whew. Glad I got at least something off my chest.
    Anyway, good luck. I’m right there with ya.

  6. Just to let you know, I am still nursing, and Josh will be 2 on Halloween. Granted, I’ve got him down to just once at night, but I’m still in it.

    I come from hippie stock. My mom nursed my youngest sister until she was nearly three, at which point we BRIBED her to stop nursing by letting her get her ears pierced. She wanted so badly to wear earrings, and my mom told her, “Only big girls who don’t nurse can have their ears pierced.” And that was that.

    My second baby, Jack, nursed until he was nearly two. But he was sooo laid back and cool about everything, I just asked him one day if he minded if we didn’t nurse and he was like “Sure, mom.”

    Josh, though, still isn’t even really talking at all yet. He’s so much different than my first two. Plus, he’s my last, and I figure I’ll probably never get to nurse again, so I might as well try to enjoy the closeness of it.

    All of this is to say: hang in there. It’ll all work out. And there will be the small few who think you’re a perv and that you get your jollies from your baby, and you’ll just think to yourself it would TAKE A BIG ASS PERV to think that a mom would EVER feel that way about her baby.

    And remember: the WHO (World Health Organization) along with some pediatric association I don’t remember right now both urge mothers to nurse for two years. Not one year. Not three months. Two years. So you’re doing what a bunch of research is telling you to do.

    πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting. I’ll be ‘rolling you, too. Like your stuff.

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