mid-to-late summer happiness


Behold, the best husband EVAR! as he opens, guts, and makes anew the ailing iBook.


Indeed, I did mock him when he proclaimed something “fried” after simply sniffing the damn thing. I should remember, though, that this is the man who, before he purchases a car, takes great care in smelling every single imaginable dipstick. And there are several dipsticks on a car, mind you.

Anyway, he found that the DC power in-board had a melted and cracked heat sink looking thing, and so he found, ordered, and received in the mail today a new one.

My bibliographies, the summer work on Cs online, my in-progress syllabi: all of it safely returned to me. 🙂 Quite happy am I. Quite backing-up-everything-imaginable am I.

***In other news-ish:

Those of you know me know that between me and my great running-and-gardening neighbor, Deb, many many many zucchini and yellow squash are produced. We are always looking for another meal to hide a zuke in. Here I present the greatest soup I’ve ever made, ever.

5 big carrots
As many zukes and yellow squash you must use to get rid of (2-3 medium–more, if necessary)
1 decent-sized onion

Chop into medallion-sized chunks. If the squash are extremely large, halve or quarter the medallions. Chunk onion.

Put into sauce pan and barely cover with water. In fact, it’s OK if about an inch of vegies are sticking OUT of the water. Squirt in enough Bragg’s* to color the water (1/4 C, at most). Boil until carrots are soft.

Put in half the vegies, most of the broth, and 8 oz of cream cheese into the blender or food processor until smooth. If you like your soup smooth, stick all the chunks in there. I like some chunks, though.

Pour the carrot-squash-cheese smoothie back into the pan with the remaining broth and veggies. Heat through and serve with some black pepper. Quite tasty, I must say.

*Bragg’s is like soy sauce in a salty kind of way. I use it to make broth and in place of soy sauce. Good stuff. Wegman’s has it.


8 thoughts on “mid-to-late summer happiness

  1. Charlie was watching the first picture unfold and shouted “Brian is piercing his bellybutton!!”
    a total hoot.

    I can’t wait to try the soup–it sounds heavenly!!

    Good to have you back! Love you!

  2. He certainly has the optimal stomach for a belly ring. I just don’t think he’d do it, though.

    And the soup is quite good. Maybe we can make it this weekend?

  3. It’s like home techie soft-core porn…”See half-naked guys repair iBooks!” Maybe you could put in a webcam and earn some extra bucks…

  4. please do not give my advisor/director a seizure!

    i mean, it would get me out of doing the work, at least in the short term, but ain’t nobody else on staff ’round these parts gonna put up w/me!

  5. Well, the Tuba Player is soooo outta here that she just might think that giving me a seizure would be sorta like her parting gift to the dept, dontcha know.

  6. Really, Mad, who wants to see Brian half naked! You could start a calendar, for women, with guys working on computers. It would be like the calendars where half naked women are leaning on cars with wrenches in their hands. Of course, the market would be very slim. Better, you could produce a calendar with naked women fixing computers. Now that would be hot…for men, of course.

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