and mustard

…because this post really is the same as the last. Well, same purpose anyway.
Still busy, with no *completed* project to report, but progress on many.

We had the movin’ upstairs party this weekend, and as I show friends and neighbors the “finished” rooms, I’m realizing they’re NOT finished. Really, only the rock is hung, mudded, and painted in two of 5 rooms. The trim isn’t up, the carpets aren’t in, and eventually (read: now) we’ll need new windows.

But whatever. I have a regular living room and dining room again, and we are less cramped overall. I’ve got some pics to post, but no time or patience to do them now. We’re thinking about camping this weekend, which might be fun for the kids but will be a lot of work for me and B. Actually, a lot of work for B. 🙂 I normally just stand around, eating and drinking. So maybe camping could be fun.


July is the skinny post month, apparently.


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  1. Hey, it took 2-3 years for us to finally get the trim done around the windows of my study that we had remodeled. When you’re doing your own work (your case) or you’re hiring neighbors who are freelance carpenters to do it (our case), it’s really the same thing: “finished” is always actually “in progress.” City (read: rich) folk who would hire corporate contractors just look askance at our house and the free-for-all way in which it gets repaired, cleaned, decorated, and what not.

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