my boys, mostly

Slow progress on the upstairs remodel. The first bedroom is wired, sheetrocked, painted. Doors hung. It still needs trim and carpet. The carpet will just have to wait, as we don’t have the kizzy for that right yet. The trim will be raw pine (urethaned, of course), and we have it but it ain’t up yet.

The second bedroom is now wired and sheetrocked, but needs painted. I’m hoping dear B will finish painting tomorrow for a big weekend move-back-upstairs party. Ooooh. I will sooooo love him for getting us back upstairs!! Did I mention I’m OVER sleeping in my living room??

Jack was stung by something horrific this afternoon. His newest funnest game is throwing a ball onto the garage roof and attempting to catch it on its way down. So he was out with his new pastime, Josh was splashing in our mosquito-incubating wading pool, and I was sitting on the back stoop wishing away some horrible menstrual cramps (I know, I know, overshare–no one’s making you read :). All of a sudden, Jack screams bloody murder and comes running willy-nilly through the yard and toward the stoop. Brian comes flying out the back door and we triage him on the steps. Whatever stung him drew a large quivering bead of blood on the cartilage of his ear, near the top. I ran inside to concoct a baking soda paste and when I returned his ear was nearly double in size, I shit not.

And he’s still yowling. Jack, and I know I’ve mentioned this before, is not a crier. He has ground half of his face into hamburger on the driveway in a skateboarding mishap, and barely batted an eye.

It took a bit of calming, and then he decided oh, it didn’t hurt that bad. But his ear was (and still is) enormous. And when he got up and was walking around, he kept saying, “Look, ma, how my ear is wobbling and shaking.” Apparently the swollen-ness of it made it feel heavy to him. I kept asking, “Is your tongue getting bigger?” and “Are you getting enough breath?” because it got so big, it made me worry about allergies and anaphalactic shock, which I know NOTHING about.

At bedtime tonight we could NOT find a binky and Josh was freaking out. We were all combing the house, and he was following us around calling “Uh-Oooooh. UH-OOOOOH.” Finally Brian found one. Man, it is time to lose that thing for good already.


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  1. Hope Jack is better soon and there’s nothing too serious going on. Not to be cliché, but “when it rains it pours”. I’ll shout it for you, “F%#$@!!!”

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