iBeth blogs her breastfeeding hero.

The J-baby is coming up on 20 months and still nurses. Infrequently, sure. Mostly at night. But also when he feels out-of-sorts, uncomfortable, or is in unfamiliar environs.

When strangers are around. He wants to nurse.

It is increasingly hard. He is a small boy, to be sure, though still very much a baby to me. And I’m inevitably trying to have a conversation with said “stranger” (who isn’t a stranger to me, just to him), and he’s in my lap posturing and digging and clawing at my shirt. It is obvious what he wants. And oh, if I put him down or attempt to distract him… !!hooooowwwwlll!! for sure.

I feel compelled to remind (or inform) people that the World Health Organization recommends nursing for two years. And not only for countries where food for children is hard to come by. It is most healthy for mom, too. (I’d find the link, but it’s late.)

It’s EASY to nurse a small baby in public. Easy. But a big baby, who pops off every couple gulps to survey the scene, or gets down to go get something to immediately come back and resume nursing: this is hard. Shirt up, shirt down, shirt up, shirt down. I’ve taken to holding my shirt and bra up with one hand so that when he pulls away, I pull down.

Ah, well. I probably only have a few months left anyway, so I should enjoy it while it lasts.


2 thoughts on “NIP

  1. My son nursed for three years! Try telling your mom/sisters/friends that without starting an argument. I just tell them that he has rarely been ill, and that after the first two years, I hardly noticed the third. My friends all told me my son would wean himself. Ha! Ha, I say!
    I just heard of the book How My Breasts Saved the World, but I have not read it yet. Sounds good though.

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