a little renewal

You know how some people are just plain good for you? Like spending time with them is refreshing, renewing. Their smile sunny, their giggle slightly contagious. I had the chance to take a country drive today, sit in the sun for a spell, and leave with a back seat full of rhubarb.

Then, once home, I struggle to make pie. “Cut shortening into flour with butter knife” the recipe tells me. Wha? I pull out the red KitchenAid and throw it all into the bowl with the pastry paddle and a small prayer.

“Roll dough with a cloth-covered rolling pin.” Wha? Oh, this is impossible. I throw the cloth ONTO the dough ball and roll. That works.

The first pie is a disaster. The bottom crust dough is lumpy, irregular, broken and re-pieced. I dump half the sugar-soaked rhubarb in and attempt to cover it with the top dough, which is equally ugly.

The second pie comes together much easier, and the results are near-admirable, for it being the second pie I’ve ever attempted in my entire life.

They both brown nicely in the oven, and I take the pretty-ish one to Deb. Deb, in turn, agrees to run with me this evening, even though I will have the jogger and Jack riding his bike along with us. [Having the boys along makes for a, well, less-than-stress-free run, what with Jack riding out in front of traffic and etc.] Deb is another one of those great people who are just plain good for me.


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