know where I can pick up some, uh, larch?

Yeah, I know I’m not supposed to post tonight. I’m too busy. But, yet again, events in my life have taken a turn for the worry.Bach Flower Remedies says I should take one of the following:

White Chestnut – calms repetitive, worrying thoughts;
Larch – for people who fear and expect failure;
Agrimony – for people who worry in secret but hide from their fears by making a joke of things.

Unless my drinking any of the above flower essences will make a couple grand drop out of the sky and into my bank account, I can’t imagine they’d work.

The good news: I’ve been offered a position as a Professional Writing Instructor (PWI) at SU for this fall, and that will nearly double our income (although, TWO bags of peanuts instead of one is, well, only TWO bags of peanuts).

The bad news. I have two more mortgages to make between now and when I start. I have a bazillion people to feed, electric bills, phone bills, and gas bills.

And I am so scared that I could cry. I am, in fact.


3 thoughts on “know where I can pick up some, uh, larch?

  1. Hugs to you. Just persevere. Try my version of the Scarlett O’Hara Gambit: If the big picture looks too scary, stay focused on the little picture. And you get to pick which little picture.

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