More talk of daily planning and organizing:Elizabeth at Half-changed World, via Laura at 11D.

The best I can do is have a calendar hanging on the wall in the kitchen. When the kids bring home announcements about field trips (requiring specially-packed lunches and bathing suits, or whatever), when I’ve got a board meeting, when someone’s got a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment, I just write it on the calendar.

You can imagine, with 4 kids + 3 adults in one house, what that poor calendar looks like.

It’s probably the lowest tech thing I do. I have no palm pilot; when they became more ubiquitous I was getting my MA and had not the dinero to hop onto that particular bandwagon. Also, Laura and Elizabeth talk about linking up their schedules with spouses (and possibly others, co-workers), but I have no one to link up with, really.

Next fall when Brian is student-ing full-time, we might need something like this.

But I can only feel unworthy and unproductive in the face of color-coding and calendars printed daily. However, today, I have already hauled our recycling to the transfer station, been to the library to deposit books due, grocery shopped, had a cup of coffee with a good friend and done a little reading.

I get stuff done.