Well. This past week has been…whew.

The run down might look like:

professional development mini-seminar on Tuesday, whereby I was snarked quite snarkily by an instructor who felt that because I’m a graduate student, I somehow have more pedagogical freedom in the classroom. The irony, of course (b/c it’s my life; there is always irony) is that if all goes well, I’ll be an instructor next fall.

hauling huge-mongous bags of plaster to the dump on Wednesday, where I hefted and slung the first twenty or so that I had packed (and had only half-filled). The first of the second twenty, that brother T had packed, weighed about 200 lbs and I nearly threw myself out of the bed of the pick-up trying to throw it into the transfer dumpster. A nice attendant came out and we hefted them together. I promptly went to the nearest gas station and bought him a six pack.

picked up a truckload of mulch on Thursday, and spent the afternoon spreading it around various bushes in the yard. This was a vain attempt at beautification; however, the ugly bald spots in the lawn, chewed bare by the plow this winter, mock me still. Also on Thursday: dance rehearsal, mudding and sanding drywall, and the arrival of B’s parents. >sigh<

Today, board meeting for the pre-school, FINALLY got the garden in the ground (with a little help from Jack, who somehow planted three rows’ worth of carrot seeds in half a row–even tried to find and move an already-planted carrot seed? good luck). The boys frolicked in the wading pool; we chased, caught and admired, and released a small frog; AND dress rehearsal for the dance recital, which praise all that is holy and terrific, is tomorrow and then I will bE FREE of the hell that is dance class detail.

We feasted at Ponderosa (hence the post title), and now I’m doing laundry and happy to sit. My mom gets in late tonight with my sister, Rose, and tomorrow will be a frenzy of tights and buns (the hair-do!!) and safety pins.

I’ll report back.


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  1. the snark was wrong, by the way, and out of line to say what she did and how she did it. But that’s normal for her, and you were right not to engage the discussion any further. it’s a no-win kind of gig.

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