an explanation

My silence has been the result of the following factors:

1. a funk from the middle of last week that rendered many post-beginnings and many head shakes and many red-light-outs

2. an unexpected trip to WV for the long weekend that kept me from the internet

3. a busy week beginning that has left my head spinning

Brian has officially started classes, and he is gone three nights a week. He is also still working, though every day I wonder whether the shop he’s at has gone under yet (the boss is having financial trouble).

I am now officially looking for employment so that I can support us next fall when he goes back to school full time. (For those of you wondering–this was the project up my sleeve earlier last month.)

I haven’t been running like I’d like to. Joshua is turning into a good little boy (he was soo pleasant during the drive to/from WV!! I was thrilled). I have sworn off late night snacks (and eating after 6 pm altogether). I am anxious for the two family reunions we’ll attend this summer. I always spend family reunions wondering if everyone thinks I am the trashy cousin/niece who got married and pregnant too early and who now at 29 still doesn’t have a “real” job. I’m praying that the upstairs remodel will be far enough along by next week that when my in-laws visit I won’t still have my bed in the living room.

I’ve spent today cleaning out the refrigerator (it’s what you do when your MIL is coming in less than 2 weeks). It was gross.

More spring cleaning this week. I should find some time to read something, too.


3 thoughts on “an explanation

  1. #2 is invalid. Everyone who reads your blog knows I comment on a regular basis, so I must be online. You COULD have posted while you were here, altho I’m glad you spent all your time with US instead!!!
    I had such a great time–so glad you surprised us! Love.

  2. It’s sad what a big chore cleaning out the refrigerator can be, isn’t it? And it always makes me feel guilty about how much food we waste.

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