all’s well that ends


I’m glad GS camping only happens once a year. For our troop it does, anyway. Other troops camp more often; me, I can only handle it in small, spread-out doses.

The foibles: a girl who, for all the excitement, never made it to the toilet in time (it seemed); several snits about rooming arrangements; scary-campfire-story-backfire (or success–everyone was so scared they wouldn’t go to bed); a bad case of diarrhea Saturday night (not me, luckily), and rained-out s’mores.

The successes: bead-making, day-hiking, ice-cream-making, delicious-hobo-chicken-eating, pier-walking, beach-combing, rope-jumping, soccer-playing, hot-dog-roasting, cart-wheel-turning.

Everyone left happy (except the diarrhea sufferer, who left early). There was the requisite ONE DIRTY SOCK that no one claimed during pack-up. I learned last year that if I take it home, launder it, and bring it to the next meeting that it will still not look familiar to anyone, so this year I promptly trashed it.

I write now, working on about 4 hours of sleep total. We got home and unpacked, showered, and put our pajamas on (yes, it’s 3 pm…I am NOT going anywhere else this weekend!!), and settled down in front of the TV to watch poker (on nbc SPORTS??) and the Magic Bullet infomercial.

I feel a sore throat creeping up on my sleep-deprived self, and I’m sniffly. But strangely fulfilled.

I’ve got a year to rest up for the next one. 🙂 I’ll post pics later.


3 thoughts on “all’s well that ends

  1. Glad that everything went well, and that everyone, despite the “runner,” faired the trip. Sounds like a happy ending to an extremely long weekend. That is, if you count the ear ache; hope BCks is doing well.

  2. Apropos of nothing in this post, I just wanted to say that I stumbled across your blog today and have really enjoyed browsing through your archives. I’ve been interested in blogging for not quite a year now, and I have more than once tried to chat with my Rhetoric/Comp colleagues about the rhetorical structures/context/etc. of blogging, but none of them seems interested in the conversation. So I’m glad you’re doing this work–thanks!

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