anchors aweigh!

Well, not really. You realize that until last year I said (and saw in my head) “Anchors Away!”

Now that we have dabbled in sailing, I know what I’m really saying, and how to spell it. It still doesn’t make any sense, though. The anchor is not away, and it is not aweigh (as in overboard), if you’re leaving. (I should say “Yank them anchors in!”)

But we *are* leaving this afternoon, to a fair state park for a scout camping weekend. Yesssireee. Eleven 2nd grade girls. None of whom will want to eat “hobo dinner” (chicken and vegies in foil on the grill–seasoned, of course). None of whom will care about the nature-hike-scavenger-hunt-I-spy that I’ve so laboriously planned. All of whom will complain about bugs, and cold, or wet, or hot, or whatever. All of whom will eat ONLY the hershey bars and leave none for real s’mores.

Well, I anticipate the worst so that it can be a great surprise when everyone is delighted and content. I’ve got plenty of back-up plans for food, and activities, and the like. I’ll have pictures and a full report on Sunday.

Wish me luck! And do an anti-rain dance, if you’ve got one.


One thought on “anchors aweigh!

  1. Anchors Aweigh! Wow! I thought you were gonna tell us a Navy story, I’ll take a smore if you want to send one my way, hehe!

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