a little good news to temper the last downer

I had a paper accepted for a panel at SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Assoc) in Atlanta this November.

The title of the panel is _Maternity and Mothering: Rhetoric and Representation in Popular Culture._ My paper is “The Mom Blog: Rhetorical Strategies of Self-Representation.”

Yeah. I should probably start writing it. 🙂

I’ve got a friend in Athens. Maybe she’ll come and visit.


4 thoughts on “a little good news to temper the last downer

  1. Good for you! You rock. I would love to read the paper in the Fall after you get it done. Better yet . . .blog it . . . or maybe pod-cast it.

  2. Interesting. I have begun to see more and more conference presentations about blogging — but have yet to see much published on the topic. Maybe I am not looking in the right places.

  3. jo(e): I’m putting together my exams right now, one of which will deal in some way with social software and writing. And while I have come across a few dead-tree books on blogging to put on my reading list, my sense is that to *publish* (in our conventional way of publishing) about blogging is counterintuitive to the medium/genre. Or something. Like to publish, in book, work about blogging, is like trying to water ski behind a horse-drawn carriage. It might work, but it looks funny and there’s no fluidity.

    I suppose the real fact is that the academic currency is still in books and articles, though.

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