things afoot

Lots of stuff goin’ on ’round here. The largest of which I am still not really going to talk about yet, simply because if nothing becomes of that project I want to pretend it never existed.

I suppose that’s cryptic enough for now.

Smaller stuff:
Working to create a rubric for grading blogs. Eeeew. It is enormously difficult, but I will be done TOMORROW (I promise, George).

Readying for camping with the troop next weekend. We’ve got Uno, Pictionary, a book full of ghost stories for the campfire, bug repellent, a scavenger hunt, and there’s always a good game of steal the bacon if I run out of activities.

Rewriting the contracts for the staff at Jack’s pre-school. Yeah. I know. That’s what happens when they say, “We’d love for you to chair the board,” and you get all flattered and say “Sure!”

Finishing the final proposal for the last course I will take, *ever*.


6 thoughts on “things afoot

  1. I’d like the rubric, too, since my pumpkins will be blogging our overseas trip. Right now I am thinking credit for completion and mechanics, but not much for content.

    Are you troop camping in cabins or tents? You are so brave!

  2. I am excited to hear of the new plans afoot. I understand about plans and finalizing them and all, but I look forward to hearing what you’ve got up your sleeve. Think about you a bunch; miss seeing you around. ; )

  3. Madeline, I’d also be interested in hearing more about how you handle it. In the research that I did on how various instructors handle it, I found Dennis Jerz’s portfolio system to be a really creative example. It prevents one from having to count number of posts or number of words and lets students identify the posts they like for his categories.

    The system wouldn’t let me create the link, but here it is:

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