Sorry to everybody that I stood up last night. Turns out, the science fair did a little sneaking up on us, and I found myself yesterday afternoon up to my elbows in clay volcanoes and those three-sectioned project displays. Actually, Hannah’s project (Can you tell the flavor of Kool-Aid without seeing the color?) had already been executed; she simply had to do some work with her numbers. Ha Ha.

Her participants were a little more savvy than we hypothesized.

But the chaos was brought on by Charlotte, my niece, who when the science fair sign-up paperwork originally came home, had declined participation. Yet the excitement of Hannah’s highly methodical and scientific cavorting was contagious, so at the last minute had me talked into letting her submit a project as well.

My default project? Good old clay volcano, baking soda and vinegar. Nope, I don’t have any red food coloring, but I do have some left over Kool-Aid.

Yeah. So add an afternoon dance class into running to pick up pictures, clay, new markers, and SOMETHING FOR DINNER (gah, I have to feed them TOO??), I look up at the clock and it’s already 8 PM. Oops. So much for making the end-of-semester shindig. Eff. Good mom, bad friend.

And this afternoon Brian waved to me from his truck as he drove off in the direction of West Virginia, where construction begins on new cabins on new land. He will return Sunday, but I am on my own to negotiate three dance classes, a first communion party for a friend, a Brownie training run, several meals, a trashed house, a research proposal, and who knows what else ALONE. I am already lonely and hoping the weekend flies by. Conan O’Brien will keep me company for a bit, in a bit. I hope he rows across the stage in his invisible canoe.