I do believe I’m on the verge of a significant life-change. My grappling with this has been the reason for my silence here lately.

Just finished a fairly large project for an undergrad group at school, and I’m glad to have it over. And while I cussed and moaned to have to do it, I am grateful for the opportunity/compulsion to use InDesign. It is a good, hard program that I should use more often so I can be fluent.

However, because of that project, I’ve neglected all the other crap I should be doing right now to finish out the semester. Since classes have been “officially” over, Brian has returned to the shop full time, and I find myself at home with the boys who pretty much don’t let me sit for a minute. I’ve already recruited a friend to take the J-baby while the J-kid is in school (MWF mornings) so I can read/write uninterrupted. He went on Wednesday, and it was a little rough, as he is not much into anyone except family, but I think he’ll adjust OK.

A cool thing on Wednesday morning: I had some last minute changes to that project before the press deadline, so instead of coming all the way back home after dropping the boys at sitter/school, I simply drove to the local public library (much closer=less gas!!), parked outside in the parking lot, and had a great wireless signal!! The library wasn’t even OPEN. I know, I’m a little goofy, but it just seemed SO GREAT. So much for going to the library to work without the distraction of email/internet. 🙂

Also: I shelled out 1500 clams yesterday so we all could fly to Iowa for the 4th of July and my family reunion. Normally I use travelocity, but every well-priced ticket wound up, after I clicked through to the “book this flight” page, at least $100 more than it had been originally quoted. “The fare for this flight has been changed,” is the message I’d get. Well, F*$%. If the damn price has changed, why does it still say $250 after the initial search??!!

I scooted over to expedia, and found the price I was looking for. When you’re paying to fly 6 bodies, you need to get the cheeeepest tix you can! And yes, my brother WILL pay me back.

We’ve never flown anywhere as a family; we’re pretty much a road trip gang. But when you’ve got seven people and an 18 hour drive, gah. I just couldn’t face it: the fights. The messes. The screaming.

I am still a little worried about the J-baby being a screaming monster on the plane. I fully intend to be prepared to sedate him if I have to. Anyone have any experience flying with large babies/small toddlers?


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  1. Sadly, no toddler worth his salt wants to be confined quietly in the sugar cube-sized space alloted per passenger for air travel. I hope you luck out and get parents of small children sitting in front of you. We had that experience when travelling with our then-seventeen month old and they understood not to take his facination with pulling on the tray table personally. In hindsight, I would not have brought crayons along as I spent most of the flight removing toddler scribbles from every available surface.

    Pre-travel, I worried about how other passengers would react to my child’s potential for disruptive behavior. I’m reminded of your post a few months back about the leather-clad Ken doll who took offense to your kids in the store. Our children have as much right to be in public places as anyone, and they haven’t cornered the market on annoying behaviors. I’m sure your plane will have plenty of loud gum chewers and cologne-soaked travelers, too. But, a family reunion sounds like a wonderful reason to travel. I hope you all have a great trip!

  2. I have no doubt you will make sure you have plenty of sparkly objects and verboten foods to keep everyone (including yourself) occupied on the flight.

    So, I have to share this story: on my last flight at the end of the campus-visit-extravaganza, a woman and her two-year-old were waiting for the same flight. The two-year-old was not so much waiting as, well, in full-fledged-tantrum-mode. Mom had given up and tuned him out–his goal was to take the stroller and run in the opposite direction (I think grandma was off on another concourse), and mom’s goal was to actually converse with the folks at the counter. So she’d stuck a foot through the handle of the stroller, creating a mom-stroller-boy chain. Very efficient.

    Several folks tried to help small boy out by distracting or reassuring him. No go. Finally, the young woman next to me (she and a colleague were returning to Cornell from a college life administrators’ conference) volunteered her service dog, a plump black lab named Molly. The woman took Molly over near the boy, had her lie down and expose her belly for rubs. No go.

    When a service dog (and we all felt this was truly an important service for the dog to undertake) with an eminently rubbable belly doesn’t even create a pause in the tantrum, you know there’s nothing to be done!

  3. Thanks for the crayon tip, Emily. I’m hoping the older kids will be content with headphones and books–I had considered a “craft bag” for them, but now I think I’ll forgo that. 🙂

  4. Wow, Susan. Even my crazy baby would be woo-ed by a pooch. I hope.

    Yes, I’ll have snacks. I think I’m gonna skip the stroller and do the sling, so we don’t have to mess with it.

    But again, maybe a mistake. I’m sure I’ll regret half of my well-intentioned decisions by the time it’s over.

  5. i think maybe life-changes require getting together for a little tea. or shopping. or both. maybe as far away as ithaca?

    missed you tonight. i blame anything & everything that has to be described in terms of “grappling.” *hug*

  6. My little one is only seven months, but she’s been on three airplane trips already. She’s been progressively more of a handful as she’s gotten older (first trip was 2 months, second at 5 1/2, third at almost 7 months). Not sure how we did it, but we pretty much managed to get her to sleep for much of the flight (then again, she’s a good, calm kid muchof the time anyway). We also brought lots of toys that won’t concuss fellow passengers if thrown.

    We have done the front carrier thing, the stroller thing, and the sling thing. My advice: if someone can loan you a stroller on the other end, DON’T bother with the stroller in the airport. The sling worked best for me – easiest in-and-out for diaper changes and security screens, comfy, and easy enough to just chuck in the overhead bin without too much fuss.

  7. It is worth it to carry the car seat on the plane, especially if it is the big toddler booster model. Lifting them up higher makes it harder for them to kick the seat in front of you. If you buckle the harness, you can use it as a kind of a strap you can put an arm through for carrying.

    Small things that roll WILL get dropped repeatedly. The mini Magna Doodle, with it’s attached pen and ability to be clipped to clothing works well.

    Expect security to be a hassle, and they won’t give you a pass for toddlerhood. Anyone who can walk (or toddle) has to walk or toddle through on their own. Place the most responsible members of your party in the front and back for appropriate shepherding and catching duties.

    When people glare at you (and some of them just do it pre-emptively), tell yourself you hope their grandkids never make the effort to come them. You’ll feel bitchy but better.

    Good luck!

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