I probably shouldn’t

So in my quest for organized sanity in order to better get work finished, Brian has put a desk in a back corner of the house away from distractions. He’s gonna hang a couple shelves and I’ll be set.

It turns out, the desk is adjacent to a window that looks out into the back yard so I can keep an eye on the kids as they dig in the mud (in their socks), ride their bikes through the neighbor’s hyacinths, fall out of the tree, throw rocks and sticks at one another, etc.

The only problem right now is that Destructo Boy is happiest playing outside, pushing his giant-sized Tonka up and down the driveway or joining in the mud-digging with the other kids. But he is too little to send out on his own. Hannah will watch him for short periods, but gets impatient (and less attentive) the longer I make her stay out with him.

It occurred to me, not briefly, that I could put him on some kind of line so that he could run around without running away or running into the street. And by line, yes, I mean a leash. Except instead of a collar, I was more thinking like a climbing harness attached to a line by a carabiner.

Child protective services would probably be all over me for that one.

We’ve talked about fencing in a portion of the yard (the yard is too large to fence the whole thing), but even a small portion of fencing is costly, plus it would probably look gnarly to have a little square of fence in a big back yard.

The line would be much more cost-effective.


5 thoughts on “I probably shouldn’t

  1. Too bad the invisible fence only works for dogs. Destructo Boy gets a shock when he gets too close to the road…kidding.

  2. Well, you know… If he’s digging his hands into an outlet, I figure nothing I say will keep him from it. What better to teach him the dangers of outlet-touching than a nice shock??

    I’m only half-kidding. Or maybe a quarter.

  3. What about a bun-jee (sp?)? I mean if there was a bit of spring to the tether it could be mistaken by CPS for a toy or jungle gym type apparatus. Maybe spring action is the way to go on this one.

  4. Good one, Jen. Except I don’t have a decent-sized bungee laying around–only those 18-inch ones for strapping down Home Depot goodies.

    I’d have to string about twenty together, and then those hook-ends are probably a puncture hazard or something.


  5. Jen’s idea sounds good. I think you could pick up several feet of generously stretchy rubber tubing for relatively little cost. Loop it on a belt (or make a belt out of it)–voila! It’s for his wellness and yours, and so there’s even less humanity in *not* coming up with a plan. Yeah?

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