Nothing personal. But the word “natch” really gets me. I’ve been reading it in dooce for a while, and I’ve been translating it into a “doontcha know” [inflection a la Mrs. Doubtfire].

As in: I’m a little p oh-ed, natch [/doontcha know], that my crazy brother will no doubt have caused our insurance premium to skyrocket. [Brian has been on the phone all day with insurance companies.] One of the things I am fairly decent at is getting meaning from context, and so while I didn’t actually KNOW what “natch” meant, I was pretty sure it was something akin to “you know.”

An email from a dear friend/prof this afternoon contained the word “natch,” so I figured I’d better make sure what the hell she meant. 🙂

It turns out, “natch” is short for “natchurally.” Which is cool.

Except that it’s awfully close to “snatch,” a word that has ALWAYS grated on me because of its sometimes-depending-on-the-context connotations. Like, to refer to a body part as a verb, and as a verb that implies stealing or taking without permission, has always been especially bothersome to me, and it’s more bothersome when I have to explain myself WHY the term grates on me, because it indicates that people just don’t think about what words carry.

Other things I’ve had to look up this week because I am so out of the loop: Fahrenheit 451. Please don’t laugh, but the meme that’s going around asking people “if you were stuck in F 451, which book would you be??” totally went over my head. Huh? And after I’ve looked around to find out what F 451 really is, I still don’t think I totally understand.

What I am REALLY good at, though: identifying a familiar face on Eyes (a new(ish) show about a private detective on ABC that is quite unremarkable): Rayanne from My So-Called Life (AJ Langer). Brian argued with me until he looked it up. Don’t argue. I remember faces.

I’m also good at writing sentences with multiple colons. Ugh. Seems what I’m good at is, uh, near-useless.


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  1. For years and years, when I saw the phrase “Nuff said,” I thought that there was somebody named Nuff who was like a cult leader or something that everyone had to obey. Don’t laugh. I’m not kidding.

    I felt so stupid after learning that it was short for “enough” that I’ve blocked out any memory of finally learning what it meant, since at the time I decided to proceed with my life as though I’d always known.

  2. Today the word that bothered me was manipulate; as in advertising manipulates. To me, it has a negative connotation (and I wasn’t aware of the old argument that people have apparently been having about persuasion/manipulation that is apparently as old as dirt.)

    Another grad student and I have laughed at ourselves because we know we keep looking up the same words in the dictionary. I suggested that maybe we ought to start highlighting them to catch ourselves in the act. On that note, I know Amazon shows recent searches, but it would be nice if there was an online dictionary out there that showed most recent searches. I could use that.

  3. i don’t know how to spell “heads up.” is it “heads,” as in many heads? “head’s” as in “a/the head is”? i’m always starting to type that & then having to find something else to say b/c i don’t know how it’s done.

    & i only just learned to spell “antsy.” i always put it “ancy,” which looked better to me, & less like bugs, but i was wrong.

    & i read F 451 in 8th grade, and then i TAUGHT it to 8th graders, & i still didn’t get that meme either, maddy. i’m thinking, if i’m going to get thrown in the fire, what difference does it make which book i am?

  4. Natch comes from like the 50’s or the 30’s or something. Long before ‘snatch’ came around, I expect.

    As for ‘snatch’ itself, it is one of many words for female genitalia that offends somebody. I definately don’t think of it in terms of stealing. That would be rude. I think of it in terms of ‘the GOOD pussy’.

    That paragraph presented for purely informational purposes.

    And I believe it’s supposed to be ” ’nuff said”, implying the abbreviation.

    And lastly, it’s ‘heads up’. I have always heard it in a military context: ‘Head up! Sargeant!’ == ‘Pay attention, men, and get your shit together, the man in charge is arriving.’ Or ‘Heads up! Enemy!’ == ‘Pay attention to the front, we are under attack by advancing infantry.’


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