94 things

Retro from the old blog. But I’m shutting that one down, so I needed to quick move everything over.

1. b 1-29-76 Omaha NE UNO Hospital.
2. Three kids b. 1996 (girl), 1999 (boy), and 2003 (boy).
3. Mint chocolate chip, pralines n cream.
4. Mushrooms, thick crust, spicy sauce.
5. Best slice: a hole in the wall near the U of IL campus in Champaign.
6. I can play: piano (not very well), guitar (mostly by ear); have played in various orchestras and marching bands: bassoon, oboe, flute, clarinet, and trumpet.
7. I had the best time at summer band camp at U of IL when I was in junior high. Too much fun. My kids will NEVER go away to camp–I know what kids do at camp.
8. Dumped music for writing in college.
9. Regret it.
10. Fave team sport to play: softball.
11. Fave spectator sport: nearly anything but football.
12. Secretly hope one of my boys will be a participant in the X games.
13. Would rather be: writing fiction, practicing yoga, jogging.
14. Am normally: wiping noses, changing diapers, cooking snacks, cleaning up, wishing for a housekeeper.
15. Also seen: taking classes at SU, teaching writing at SU, prepping for my comprehensive exams, looking ahead to a diss project.
16. Often feel the desperation characteristic of grad students who aren’t quite sure they’re doing the right thing, but when so much time has already been devoted, changing horses midstream is a MEANINGFUL metaphor.
17. My favorite people are unassuming, thinking, funny.
18. I am uncomfortable around people who are inauthentic and feel as though they have something to prove or hide.
19. I wear glasses or contacts. My parents didn’t bother getting my eyes checked until I failed the vision test at the DMV, so I was spared this nerdy-look as a youngster.
20. I don’t smoke, and while I know and love many people who do, I’m not fond of being in closed places with smokers. I’m happy NY doesn’t let people smoke inside public spaces anymore.
21. I’ve learned that smokers DON’T appreciate your well-meaning comments on their health, no matter how sincere those comments are.
22. I’m obsessed with fiber. I’m always trying to sneak oat bran and flax into baked goods; my family is now too savvy to be tricked. Although I do make a good brownie with bran that still passes.
23. I obsess about my house being messy. I spend time obsessing that I could actually use to, you know, clean.
24. I took up yoga in high school and now my kids and I practice vinyasa before bed. They love it.
25. I enjoy reading about Eastern religion/philosophy. Much of it resonates with my own ideas about how one can best carry through life.
26. My thesis for undergrad framed Keats’s work with Taoism, Buddhism, and Hindu. A stretch, but I pulled it off.
27. My undergrad is from Norfolk State, an HBCU. Go, Spartans!
28. My MA is from Old Dominion, also in Norfolk. I didn’t pay attention to the mascot there. Some kind of cat?
29. My mom asked the other day if Otto the Orange was an *actual* fruit, or just a round orange person. I wasn’t sure.
30. I bit my nails in elementary school. I hated that I did it, but couldn’t stop. One day in JH, I realized I had quit without trying.
31. I always order pasta at a steak house.
32. I love carbs.
33. I let my kids watch Will and Grace so they won’t think that gay people are “different.”
34. Being a mom has made me into a kind of procrastinator. Not that I wait until the last minute to do stuff purposefully; it’s simply that I won’t do something ahead of time if there’s something else that needs doing right now. And there’s always something else that needs doing RIGHT NOW.
35. I still can’t decide if I will color my hair when I begin to grey noticeably.
36. I don’t wear jewelry. I lose jewelry. Wedding bands, sometimes small earrings. Nothing else.
37. I do every once in a while entertain the notion of getting my nose pierced.
38. I have one tatoo of a sunflower on my right ankle.
39. I normally don’t show people because I normally don’t shave my legs.
40. My least favorite characteristic that I possess is my lack of conviction with regard to things like politics and opinion. It’s simply too easy for me to understand others’ perspectives.
41. I never was able to keep a paper diary.
42. This blog is the most sustained single-writing project I’ve ever enacted. It makes me happy.
43. I have a strawbale cabin in WV that my husband designed and built. If we ever lose our house, our jobs, etc, we can go there. I take comfort in that.
44. I’m always growing my hair out.
45. I get annoyed at people for things that I myself am guilty of doing: snap judgments, hypercriticality, leaving the headlights on and killing the battery.
46. I’m raising my younger brother and his daughter.
47. I’m proud of my one purple runner’s toenail.
48. I love to brush and floss my teeth. I take the time most women use to apply makeup and devote it to oral hygiene.
49. I wonder if I’ll ever start wearing makeup. I think it makes me look ridiculous, but I might need it for a job interview or something…one day.
50. I sleep on my stomach with one knee hitched up nearly to my shoulder.
51. I have always thought meditation was a good idea, but I have yet to be able to do it without external prompting or guidance.
52. I was raised Methodist, but am only a Christian now in the sense that I think Christ had some good ideas about how we can be decent to one another. So I guess I’m maybe not a Christian-by-Christians’ standards.
53. I am not forthcoming with this information to the Christian nursery school board for which I am the chair.
54. Hm. Maybe I can use that as an excuse (my heathen-ness) to not be the chair anymore.
55. I tend toward irresponsibility and scatterbrainedness, and I think it’s finally not as cute to my husband as it was when we were dating.
56. My MIL taught me how to cook.
57. I eat too much. I love candybars. This is mostly why I run.
58. I also run because when I get back, I feel invincible and in good enough spirits to do the dishes.
59. I dread the day when I will have to wear clothes to work that are “nice.” I do not iron. Laundry tends to camp out in our dryer for a day or so. And to even THINK that I would have to wear “Dry Clean Only” makes me itch.
60. Similarly, I dread the day when I will have to wear shoes that are not sneakers. My feet are horrible: wide with cranky toes. Anything stylish or professional make my feet cringe like the wicked witch’s striped feet retreat.
61. Pantyhose were invented by men. The sizing charts were invented by some mental waif. I should be an A or B. C doesn’t fit. I buy Q, and I still get that horrible waistband rolling effect, the crotch still won’t move past my mid-thigh.
62. I have trouble buying clothes because I grew up wearing really nice brand-name hand-me-downs from my older cousins. I never had to pick style or color. They did it for me. And now I can’t afford to shop at the Gap or Abercrombie anyway.
63. I take at least one garbage-bag-full of clothes and toys to the Rescue Mission per WEEK. I swear. And we still have so much clothes and crap that if all the laundry is clean, there isn’t enough room for it in the dressers and closets.
64. Addiction runs rampant in my family. I lack the conviction to do anything on a daily, excessive basis. I’ll drink wine, or beer, or rum, or whatever if it’s in my house or if it’s offered to me. But I don’t have the foresight to purchase it for myself.
65. I had my gall bladder removed on my 24th birthday. It SUCKED but I am glad it’s gone, because it was full of stones that would make me feel like I was going to DIE as they moved through the bile duct.
66. In my experience, babies come quickly if you are active, stay vertical for as long as possible, and if you forego the drugs.
67. In my experience, 2 out of 3 breastfed babies will sleep through the night, NOT be colicky, not scream or cry, and will be truly exceptional infants and toddlers.
68. 1 out of 3 will be a monster.
69. My advice: stop after two kids. You can have two simultaneous laps, give two simultaneous hugs, have two kids lay next to you, and if you’re lucky you’ll have a partner who can deal with one while you deal with the other, if need be.
70. Three kids means someone always feels shunned.
71. I wished I could have taken dance as a girl.
72. I’d like to take Tai Chi.
73. I was an aerobics instructor for a stint after high school. Fun job.
74. I hate scary movies. The sour adrenaline really fucks me up.
75. My kids like hip hop. I let them sing the bad words in the songs, I just remind them not to sing them in front of Grandma or at school. It is high-larious when Jack sings “Shake that ass, girl.”
76. I struggle with what I want to shield my kids from. I figure that if I shield them, they’ll simply encounter it on the school bus. I think I’m mostly concerned that they grow up to be compassionate, so I don’t do a lot of censoring…just a lot of explaining.
77. I will be one of those parents who will “punish” by making them listen and talk back.
78. Jay Leno is not funny. Only funny looking.
79. Conan O’Brien is funny looking, but also a true comedian.
80. I can speak Spanish, but I’m out of practice.
81. Racquetball. Out of control fun.
82. My backhand sucks ass.
83. Tennis sucks because you have to put the ball somewhere, not simply whack it into oblivion and duck.
84. Okra is nasty. So are lima beans.
85. My parents are divorced, and I grew up with a stepdad and stepmom. Raising someone else’s kids (and being raised by a step) is tough shit. It is one reason why I can’t imagine ever divorcing my husband.
86. I curse when I’m tired or feel intensely.
87. I wish I had more time to read for pleasure.
88. I feel guilt when I read something that hasn’t been assigned to me.
89. I often feel like I am not smart enough to be in a PhD program; there are some really brilliant people out there.
90. I hate my knees.
91. I like my hands.
92. I have a banjo. I’d like to learn how to play one day.
93. I sang for a band in high school. We covered Bryan Adams, the Clash, Pat Benatar.
94. I’m paranoid that there are movies out there of us–it would make for some serious blackmail fodder.