funk-free (and this isn’t my leg)

I’m a whole lot better today. Thanks for the support, y’all.

So, I ran Monday. Made it about 3 miles before I decided things were getting a little too uncomfortable (but it didn’t outright HURT yet).

This morning I woke up to run, and after about 40 steps decided to walk. It’s just not ready yet. So I found this little article online (how I [heart] the internet!) that gives me all sorts of goodies to help me get back to better (the pic is the link):

I’ll be walking the rest of this week.


3 thoughts on “funk-free (and this isn’t my leg)

  1. ♥ is (w/o the spaces) & hearts ;

    if your html thingy supports it, that’ll be completely redundant & also useless. all at the same time. if not, it’ll be both cute & informative. lesson-roulette, our favorite classroom game!

    walking is great. if i hadn’t just read the forecast for how it’s supposed to be cold & rainy for the next 10 days, i’d be inviting you to come do it w/me. 🙂

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