I should have had a fab day today. It was 70 and sunny. I allowed myself a “day off” from any kind of school work, which opened hours and hours to spring clean guilt-free. I hung laundry out to dry. Opened windows. Read a little (fiction).

But today sucked. I screamed and hollered at the kids all day, lamented the piles of laundry, cursed the ever-filling sink of dishes, hated toys that no one EVER plays with, wished I lived alone, yearned for sleep.

And then the *real* guilt: guilt for thinking and feeling all that. Which then results in a indescribable self-loathing, because, as you might infer, a horrible cycle ensues. I’m miserable, I feel bad for feeling miserable, which makes the misery (if it could be any more) worse.

Desperate Housewives didn’t even cheer me up, but it’s mostly because the series has gone downhill. I’m slowly beginning to dislike and becoming impatient with nearly all of them: Bree turned into an anti-gay Bible-thumper, Gabrielle has hit a new high in materialistic superficiality (though Carlos is a jerk, too), and Susan can’t grow some cojones and kick her nympho-mom out. Lynette is really the only one I respect anymore, but she really does need to whoop up on those boys some.

The only thing I can figure is that 1) I have been eating like crap lately [lots of candy, mostly] and 2) I haven’t run a step in over two weeks [my ITB was giving me hell, and the only surefire way to get it back to normal is to rest].

Here’s hoping the funk passes quickly.


3 thoughts on “funk

  1. 1. Funks are funks. They don’t give a rat’s body part about the weather.

    2. I seem to recall your fellow runners (I am decidedly not among them) warning you about post-marathon funk? (And I don’t mean the kind that grows in your shoes.) I wonder if other deadlines, like the recently completed conference, after substituted a bit of adrenaline, and now you’re feeling that post-race thing.

    3. Funks are funks, and do not necessarily have reasons. Or rhymes for that matter. More protein and green stuff can’t hurt, however.

  2. My funk involves not writing and candy that is 99% sugar (and not a lot of flavor). But since deciding that it’s all hypoglycemia, I’ve managed to let go of a lot of it. Spirulina tablets help too! Glad to hear that you also are loving DH less. I, too, only love Lynette, and feel that she needs to buy three over-sized naughty mats and get those boys on some serious time-outs. But now I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. I know? What’s up with that? I’ve decided it’s because it’s spring and my hormones are in overdrive and now I love everyone who doesn’t live with me (I also love the people who live with me, but would love them more if they produced less laundry).
    Good luck! Make my funk the P-Funk!

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