lived to tell

A thing I have been avoiding since I began graduate work: the academic conference. Things are still a bit fuzzy, but I’m alive, so apparently it wasn’t too awful. But I survived my first today.

Mostly I remember forgetting that I changed, at the Nth hour, the beginning of my presentation with the intention of coming full circle, and forgetting to circle back. Oops. Reminder to self: next time, don’t get any bright ideas at the last minute, and if you do, ignore them.

A quick thanks and shout out to Derek, who so graciously chauffeured the trip to Albany (he’s posted photos from the outing here). Also thanks are in order to Collin, who made the early trip with us to serve as our groupie. He ended up playing an instrumental role in our FINDING the building we belonged in as well.

Of course, I come home to find a new sailboat in the driveway, a new stone firepit in the backyard, the garden ready for planting. I just can’t leave anyone alone for one minute.

And of course: the baby is cranky, the house is a mess, and Jack just came in bleeding from his head (he fell out of a tree) followed by Hannah who got skewered in the eyeball by a marshmallow-roasting stick.

Conference? I went to a conference today?


4 thoughts on “lived to tell

  1. Not only did you ‘live to tell’, but your talk was really sharp, smart. The left-open loop back to the opening anecdote–maybe we could think of it as a teaser, the thing that lingers after the talk and makes the audience wonder about it, kind of the like the slides. Seriously, though, I have any impression that it was left unaddressed or unincorporated; I thought it fit well with your stuff on discomfort, on the recontextualizations of communication brought on by social software, and changes in access/scale between public and private. So I guess I’m just saying that it might have worked just as well *not* to make the tie-in explicit; it’s good to leave some (relatively managable) work to the audience. Yeah?

    And! a sailboat.

  2. Yeah, maybe. I just remember as I was smiling during the moderator’s wrap that I was mentally kicking myself.


    But also mentally doing a jig because it was over.

    At any rate: I looked smart because I presented with you. 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Now I really wish I’d submitted something after all! I had the call printed out for weeks, but thought April was too busy.

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