a note about Schiavo

I’ve watched the Schiavo case with guarded interest. When the debates started however many years ago, I was quite indignant: her parents should just let her go.

Now, (15?) years later, a parent myself, I had trouble watching the file video of Terri’s mom leaning in, kissing her on the forehead. Would I let a child of mine go without a fight?

On Google news tonight, trying to see if the Pope finally died (morbid, morbid interest!!), I noticed that the autopsy on Schiavo had been completed, and I linked over to see if there was any information (though I knew well enough there wouldn’t be) (again: morbid!! I know!).

So, the link I followed turned out to be an abc wire story. And while the story itself lent nothing new or interesting (to me), the caption of the accompanying photo did: it suggested that Terri’s cardiac failure, the cause of her brain damage, had occurred possibly as the result of an eating disorder.

Hoowee. If Karen Carpenter wasn’t enough for us. We need to get on this eating disorder thing, people. Moms: do not talk about being fat in front of your daughters. Subvert the sick-skinny (and I mean *sick* not *stick*) paradigm. Provide your girls with empowered, strong, models; be one yourself.

And for those of you who know me: yes, I know what a huge hypocrite I am. But I’m TRYING. We all should be. For our girls.


3 thoughts on “a note about Schiavo

  1. From morbid to that authoritative mother instinct, I noticed a mood change in your writing. I thought about it too. I was just telling my son that Schiavo must have been either bulimic or anorexic. I don’t see the point in an attempt to look like the “stars.” We are all unique. A healthy body IS sexy. Don’t they know that?

    Just last year, my seven year old daughter informed me that she shouldn’t eat fast food because it was not healthy. She had learned this at school. I’m not knocking teaching nutrition in school, but I don’t think anyone who eats fast food will die, even at a young age, unless they eat it on a daily basis, or if they have some health problem.

    Anyhow, I so agree with you. We must teach our daughters to love themselves, to love their body, and to eat healthy, which includes moderation, exercise, and plenty of water.

  2. Yes, ironic that schools would teach kids not to eat fast food, when what they serve in the cafeterias is often not much better.

    And tell D that she is fabulous, fantastic, wonderful, and lucky to have you as a mom, digitalpenny.

  3. You can try ’til you’re blue in the face. Your daughters don’t hear: “you’re beautiful the way God made you” or “Everyone who matters loves you exactly the way you are”

    They pay way more attention to TV and magazines. And whatever dysfunction their friends are experiencing is ever so much more important and urgent than what you are trying to tell them.

    We must just love each other through it, and keep in mind that some disorder at some point will claim each one of us. I pray my loved ones will NOT try to extend my stay here if I am not productive. God bless Teri, she can finally get on with it.

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