the wooly worms are out

and other signs spring is nigh in CNY:

the back yard is a swamp of melted snow (and drizzle from this afternoon)

juicy bugs splatter on the windshield

the hyacinths, tulips, and daffodils are peeking up

I had to take my long-sleeved shirt OFF while running this morning because I was HOT and SWEATY!!

the kids don rollerblades before breakfast (and before I’m completely out of bed) to go outside


it’s supposed to SNOW ON SATURDAY


3 thoughts on “the wooly worms are out

  1. The redwing blackbirds are staking out their territories

    The geese are paired up

    The sap buckets are coming down

    The river is still rising


    It’s supposed to SNOW ON SATURDAY

  2. I swear I saw a hummingbird

    my bees are going nuts

    And it’s supposed to snow tomorrow (Sat)

  3. the snowdrops are blooming in clumps all over the yard

    all the trash on our street that’s been snowed under all winter has re-emerged

    the trees all look like sticks still, but at least you can see them

    birds are singing

    worms are dodging puddles on the asphalt


    it’s supposed to SNOW TODAY

    (good thing i’m not there, but am hiding in virginia where the forsythia have dropped flowers already & begun to leaf instead!)

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