I’d like to comment on the Churchill thing. Like to discuss the politics of Easter, and how the small town school my kids go to made them make EASTER CARDS (I feel the same way when they make Christmas cards, too: it’s not CHURCH, right?). Should talk about how my dumbass left the charger for my laptop on campus today, which leaves me laptopless for the weekend once the battery runs down (which will be tonight sometime).

I don’t have the energy to even post something half-assed. I’m bone tired. Probaby because I had to TEACH this morning (I ran a section of 205 for a collegue who’s in Japan this week), which proved to be particularly exhausting. ONE CLASS and I’m beat. I need to get my teaching legs back, it seems.

Instead: I offer the work I’ll be attempting to make some headway on this weekend, albeit on the grape iMac instead of the trusty iBook.

1. Exam proposals
2. Abstract for Maternity and Mothering: Rhetoric and Representation in Popular Culture (Due tomorrow!! Thanks Jen.)
3. Paper for CHATs (Center for Humanities and TechnoScience) Conference in Albany in TWO WEEKS
4. Keeping the kids from ODing on Easter candy. Oh yeah, keeping myself from all the fabulous foil-wrapped treasures as well. 🙂


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  1. Huh, I almost submitted an abstract to the Albany conference, but the timing sucked for me (as you’ll see when you read my blogs entry today). But we could have met! Ah, well.

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