pink eye (AKA back to the old grind)

Since I’ve returned from my spring break, I’ve been trying to get the house back in order. Today was the FLOORS, which somehow, even though no one wears shoes in the house, tend to get so crumb-y and dirty that I can’t bear to walk around in barefeet OR EVEN SOCKS.

Hannah was sent home from school yesterday because the school nurse suspected she has pink eye. I took her to the doctor, who said, yeah, she could have pink eye but he couldn’t be sure, but that in order for her to go back to school she would have to do the eye drops regardless. The kicker is that conjunctivitis is VIRAL and they’re treating it with antibacterial drops. I hate that shit.

So, I get her home and give her the first dose of drops. She doesn’t know what to expect, so she doesn’t fight.

She hasn’t had a drop in her eye since.

Her scrawny 50 pound ass threw ME AND BRIAN off as we attempted to administer the drops yesterday night. Oh well. So much for me dumping more antibiotics into her. She ain’t havin’ none of it. Her eyes don’t even look pink to me.

So glad to be back, though. Joshua was happy to see me (and didn’t forget who I was, as I feared would happen), and he promptly wanted to nurse. I’m glad he didn’t have to quit just so I could take a weekend away.