Now, I always get a little screwed up here. The run is Saturday. Today is Thursday. So, T-minus 3 days? 2 days? Or just one?

I’ll go with two days, since it’s fairly early right now (I’ve got all today), and the run starts EARLY on Saturday.

Two days for the glue in my sinuses to clear, and for the accompanying headache to subside.

Spring break has yielded none of the time for work that I always anticipate, either. But again, this is always what happens: I figure I’ll finish or start a project over the break, and I hardly make headway.

I did get some books I need for exams ordered. This incited a small disagreement with the husband. He insisted that every book I needed we could get from a library. I conceded that MOST of them OPL (Onondaga Public Lib) would have, but that some would NOT be in the library.

Why, then, do I have to BUY the ones that are available at the library?

um. Good question. I mumbled something about having to be able to write in them and keep them for as long as I needed.

I don’t spend nearly as much on books as some of my collegues. This I know for a fact. But I still feel twinges of guilt about shelling out clams for anything I can get free.

Things to do today:
Clean the van out for the trip. This should be a feat, since the brother has been driving it lately (the husband finally fixed the front axle on the brother’s car, so now we have the van back). We have already discovered that the cupholder has been busted. Wonder what other surprises he left.

Write protocols so that the husband will be able to get kids off to school Friday morning and will be able to execute the Saturday morning dance class configuration, as he has NEVER done either.

Grocery shop so my kids don’t live on Happy Meals while I’m gone.

Get my eyebrow(s) waxed to reduce drag during the run.


2 thoughts on “T-minus…

  1. Reasons to buy rather than use library for exam books:
    1. Many of these will also be necessary for the dissertation.
    2. Exam time induces massive amounts of stress, leading to forgetfulness regarding library books, leading to really really big library fines. Buying the books may actually *save* money.
    3. In the interest of compromise, consider asking colleagues (like moi) if we have books we’re willing to lend or sell at a reasonable price.

  2. Have a good race!

    oh — and isn’t there something about tax write-offs and books for work (a.k.a. “research”)?

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