a moral dilemma

You’re sitting on your bed, laptop in your lap, writing.

The baby, who is also on the bed, crawls over and begins to climb onto your lap.

You attempt to stave him off for 15 more seconds, so you can finish typing your sentence.

Suddenly, the barometric pressure drops, the wind changes; the baby AND the laptop begin to slip off your lap off the side of the bed and toward the floor…

You cannot save both. Which do you reach for?

Updated to include
The bed is standard height, about 30 inches from the floor.

The floors are hard wood.

The baby is rolling in a kind of sideways fashion, but mostly head first.

I do NOT have Applecare on the laptop (I know I KNOW!).


10 thoughts on “a moral dilemma

  1. Oh, please, people. The laptop can be replaced, the baby cannot. The laptop is of finite value, the baby is not. You can like your laptop, but you love the baby. There’s no debate here.

  2. I recently had a vaguely similar experience (as similar as a childless person can have, anyway):
    1. You are bedridden and recovering from painful surgery. Your laptop is your primary source of entertainment.
    2. The carpeted floor has not been vacuumed in the several weeks you’ve been off your feet.
    3. You lean too far over the side of the bed while opening a bottle of painkillers.
    4. The laptop starts to slide toward the floor. The bottle of Darvocet also slides, threatening to dump all the pills on the dirty floor.
    Which do you grab?

  3. I KNOW this happened at least once!! I’m not sure which kid, or what the other precious thing was(it may even have been another kid!) I totally grabbed one in each hand, moved into the slid my own self, and landed butt first on the floor. All three involved sustained minor discomfort, but none more than my butt.

  4. Laptop. All kids fall off the bed at some point. Falling will make the baby cry, but it won’t break it.

    Of course, that’s the rational decision. In the actual moment, I imagine one would grab the baby. Not sure, though.

    Anyway, you have two arms.

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