OK. I know that I gripe a lot about what a pig sty my house is, and how I have not the fraction of time I would need to get it clean.

I have a confession.

The problem is that I don’t have the time to make it as clean as I *want.*

Today, I thought, “Screw EVERYTHING. I’m cleaning.”

So I did.

And as I did, it slowly dawned on me. The reason I feel like I don’t have time to clean, is because that my idea of cleaning is slightly twisted.

Wiping baseboards. Dusting books (for crying out loud). Scrubbing the toaster oven and microwave. Bleaching linens. Cutting the hairs and yarn from the beater bar of my vacuum. Vacuuming the between the cracks of the radiators (big, old, cast iron kind). Vacuuming the BOTTOMS of my area rugs (and the tops, too, of course). EIGHT loads of laundry (and it’s still going). Mopping mopping mopping. Bleach bleach bleach.

If I was happy with a clean kitchen sink and the toys picked up, I think I’d be a different person.

Don’t listen to me when I complain anymore, OK? I’m just plain nutz. And I’m probably going to get some kind of horrible disease from bleach, since I’m too “tough” to wear gloves as I bleach damn near everything that will sit still for a moment.

In other news (though this follows the ocd title as well): Two weeks til the race. Since I am nowhere NEAR ready to run it, I’ll be working the next 14 days to drop some weight so that I won’t have as much to carry. That should help a little, I think. So if you’re someone I see IRL, please don’t offer me food. Thanks. 🙂 This especially goes for you, DigitalPenny, since all I can think of these days is that gumbo!! It was SOOOO good.


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  1. I have no idea where you learned how to do any of that stuff–I’m pretty sure I never scrubbed a base board in my life. And I never bleach anything! Are you obsessed because you grew up in such an awful pigsty?
    I mean, there was never any rotting food or dead animals, and I was vigilant about staying on top of any excrement that occurred. Right? :)*

  2. Actually mom you were a decent housekeeper when we were little. It wasn’t until we were older and you realized you could “have a life” that stuff became a little messy, but I don’t think I’m reacting to that. My room was always a mess when I lived at home, too.

    I’m sure it’s a control thing. 🙂

  3. It’s quite alright. I do the same things when I clean. Is it some over obsessive habitual perfectionist cleaner disease? We should call Oprah or Dr. Phil. **lol** Do you think they would know? Next time you clean, try staying away from the bleach, except in the bathrooms. Instead, go to Home Depot and get a bottle of Zep (brandname) Citrus Cleaner. This product cleans the hell out of grease, grime, and those things that you don’t recognize anymore. It doesn’t scratch any surfaces either. I also use it as a carpet cleaner when I’ve run out of the other stuff. It works wonders, and leaves a nice citrus smell in the air. I should be their spokes person.

    Anyhow, I always think that I’m an obsessive habitual perfectionist cleaner because not only did I have to do other people’s laundry from age 10-21, but my parents (and grandmother, when she would keep us for our parents) would wake us at 4:30 am to clean damn near everything (from outside in our yard and the neighbours yard to inside our house). And we scrubbed baseboards too. I remember my father making me scrub the toilet with a towel and a fist full of detergent (no gloves either). Sometimes I look back at that, and I’m grateful because I now know how to clean. And even if I don’t have a toilet scrub brush, I know what to do to keep the toilet clean.

    I don’t know if the type of cleaning we did as children was my parent’s way of keeping us out of trouble, which we still got into, or if it was my father’s mental garbage that he acquired from being in the navy, or if it’s some generational garbage. I teach my kids to clean, but their chores are not as rigorous as when my parents taught me.

    And you just let me know when you want more gumbo. Next time, I’ll make it the day before, and stay away from the heat.

  4. I listen to you all talk, and I am awestruck. I am constitutionally unable to do two things: handle money (I neither deposit checks nor pay bills; BP in desperation has taken over those responsibilities) and clean house. (I grew up in a pigsty, and I would still live in one if I didn’t have a hired cleaning crew come in biweekly.) I simply cannot bring myself to do them; I have no idea why. I consider it a grave character flaw, but one that I have not been able to self-correct.

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog (minus the frozen snot)as you “complain” about the ordinary annoying and make it funny. Plus, as I can relate to so many things, it saves me from having to blog about those particular issues (I can just read yours!).
    Snow in CNY is incredible…have you thought of cross country skiing to get in shape for your run…?

  6. Actually, I agree with you that this is “clean.” The other is “tidy.” I hasten to add that “tidy” is more than good enough 90% of the time, but yes, like you, I occasionally just get fed up and have to dust the baseboards and the books 🙂

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