blogkeeping and house notes

You’ll notice that my blogroll is gone. It’s sooo outdated that I have to completely re-do it, with categories and everything, and I just don’t have time right now, so it’s down. If I could figure out how to import my stuff from bloglines, I would, but I am less and less thrilled with the way that typepad lets me do, uh, let’s see, NOTHING when it comes to configuring this crazy thing. My dearest dearest friend from HS, MaryAnn, has had better luck with changing colors, etc. I can’t even figure out how to get to my templates to edit the code in them.

I assume it’s because I refuse to upgrade my account. I know, I know, I wouldn’t have to assume if I would, you know, look around for some answers, but AGAIN: no time for that.

In other news: baby eats peeled apple. This is great. Joshua (aka Monster Toddler) loves apples. He frequently will steal the older kids’ apples and chew them. (Ah, that’s what that strange sticky mess is on the floor: spit out apple peel). So today, when the kids got their after school apple, I peeled one and gave it to the baby. He was (and still is) happy for nearly and hour, gnawing it. And no spit out peels to step on with your barefeet later!


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  1. I have a bloglines blogroll on my typepad blog. You set up a typelist with the setting ‘display notes as text,’ then copy/paste some javascript from bloglines into the notes area of an item on your list. pretty easy to do. i have the mid-level blog pkg.

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