it’s funny now

Monster toddler is working some molars out. His nose runs so constantly that the minute I swipe it, he’s got another bubble, trickle, or glob at the ready.

He drools so much that we’ve had to change his shirt and onesie thrice today.

And he isn’t sleeping so well, so he ended up between us last night.

Near 3am, Brad Pitt and I are having a run on the beach. I look over at him, and he leans in (to whisper in my ear? brush his lips on my cheek?), and WHAM! he head butts me in the brow and starts ripping my eyelids.

Ouch. OK, OK, I’m awake. Leave me a few eyelashes, will ya?


3 thoughts on “it’s funny now

  1. When my younger nephew was teething, he drooled so much that you were afraid to touch any surface in his home. Seriously. Putting your hand down on the couch could be a nasty surprise!

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