no clever title tonight

I spent an hour on the phone tonight with dear Rudy, who worked with me to figure out why the heck my iPod wouldn’t take up songs I’d purchased from iTunes.

Turns out that Quicktime must be updated for iTunes to be able to export songs to other applications. And yeah, I get the prompts for updates, but I normally ignore them, simply because I feel like I never have time to restart.

So, thanks Rudy.

And two items concerning promotions:

ONE: Brian is an eBay enthusiast. And now eBay has launched this treasure hunt thing, where clues direct users to fake auctions. If you find the right fake auction, you win $1000.

Hm. Apparently the idea is to get eBay users to search strange, low-traffic categories? The latest clue (Associated with Graduated Income Tax) has us searching for Karl Marx items.

And I can’t imagine that as users quick-click through and scroll scroll scroll, they’re not doing much leisurely browsing for, you know, stuff to BUY.

TWO: Pepsi has launched the free song from iTunes promotion again. I will drink more soda between now and whenever this campaign ends than I will the rest of the entire year. I will accost strangers who happen to hold a yellow-capped bottle, “You win??” Brian will be instructed to announce to the guys at the shop “Save the caps!!” and will bring them home in his pockets, smudged with motor oil and gear lube.