time. blogs. disconnects.

So, this is what happens when you’ve spent what you think is a good amount of time working on domestic stuff, and then you move to some online stuff:

I worked this morning, making a delicious Three Sisters Stew out of Moosewood (squash, corn, beans). I made a brownie since it is Tucker’s birthday. I did up a little of the dishes. I threw a load of laundry in.

But I knew I had some email I needed to return, and I wanted to do a little reading for class, and I wanted to blog!! The big kids had a half day of school, so I set them about doing some chores (you know a 5-year-old can empty the dishwasher, it just takes for damn ever because she has to drag a stool back and forth between the cabinets).

I sneak out of the kitchen to my room, put my feet up on my bed, open the laptop. Commence reading.

I surface from Weinberger for a moment to notice that the baby is quiet. Hm. A quiet baby means: 1) he’s playing in the toilet, 2) he’s eating catfood, 3) he’s digging in the catbox, 4) he’s climbed onto the counter and is taking knives out of the block, or 5) he’s sleeping, which I knew for sure he wasn’t doing.

I reluctantly close the laptop. And I find him, thankfully NOT eating cat poop, but instead digging happily into the warm brownie I’d set on the table to cool (click the pic for a bigger one):


5 thoughts on “time. blogs. disconnects.

  1. re: the way he gets up there

    pulls a chair out, climbs chair, climbs table.

    We used to be able to turn the chairs around backwards against the table, and the extra height of the chairback prevented his ascent.

    Now he can turn the chairs around OR scale the chair back. Depending on how he feels, and the kind of climb he wants. 🙂

    I’m to the point where if he falls, he falls. Maybe then he’ll learn. Because me taking him down REPEATEDLY and telling him “no” isn’t teaching him.

    Of course, I don’t *want* him to fall. Or I only want him to fall and NOT get hurt.

  2. Seriously, you cannot blame him as he DOES have your genes and admit it, if you hadn’t of baked the brownies for Tucker’s birthday, part of it would have been consumed by you! I suggest, being a big brownie addict, that you make two batches next time…one to eat part of the batter, then make a smaller version of the 2nd. That way, while one is cooling on top of the fridge, the other can be gobbled down by small children and mothers.

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