20 reasons (for Valentine’s day)

Because he:

1. is kind and gentle to animals. And while he prefers dogs, he has learned to love kitties.

2. sings. In the shower. While he’s cooking. With the radio in the car. At the top of his lungs. Einstein on the Beach; Crash; Operation Spirit.

3. says “sewer cap” instead of “manhole.”

4. tells his mom “I love you.” Tells MY mom “love you, too.” He hugs his dad, and his best friend, and still holds, hugs, and kisses the boys. I know this might sound like a “no duh,” but I believe in the power of affection, especially between fathers and sons and men.

5. can fix damn near anything. Cars. Computers. Houses. Carrot cake.

6. plows our friends’ driveways every time it snows without being asked.

7. opens chips and other bagged snacks from the bottom. Religiously.

8. watches PBS on Sunday morning with the kids.

9. built a cool puppet show stage, manned the blenders on smoothie night, and sold cookies at the auto shop for our brownie troop.

10. hasn’t had a speeding ticket since 2002. ::fingers crossed::

11. orders me margaritas, on the rocks.

12. skateboards with Jack. Got Jack new bushings for his board for his birthday.

13. lets Jack take ballet with minimal, well-hid, mocking discomfort.

14. bought Hannah a corsage for the father-daughter ball.

15. held Joshua for the first two weeks of his life while I flailed with depression and bent priorities.

16. moved to the great white North so I could pursue bent priorities.

17. works part time hard labor so I can continue to pursue bent priorities.

18. still finds plenty to laugh about. Laughs a lot.

19. never leaves without kissing every one of us good-bye.

20. never hangs up the phone without telling me he loves me.


2 thoughts on “20 reasons (for Valentine’s day)

  1. that is absolutely beautiful. what a wonderful reflective moment to take, what a wonderful list of things to have handy or find w/o much searching–sounds like they’re going on every day all around you!

    what a wonderful brian you have. 🙂

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