welcome, Grayson Herbert Zoldan

My little sis had her first baby yesterday morning. I’m happy to report that her labor and delivery (a planned home birth) went nearly perfectly.  He was 8lbs 2ozs (21 ins) and I can’t wait to meet him next week.

In other news:  Brian started tearing walls out today, officially commencing the second floor remodel, which WILL render a SECOND bathroom.  If you’ve ever lived in a house with 7 people and ONE TOILET, you understand that the urge to relieve oneself often comes in strange network-y ways.  Yes, I’m going to tie network stuff into talk of toilet use.

For instance, young children often don’t KNOW they have to go to the bathroon untill SOMEONE ELSE is already occupying the seat.  And then, of course, it becomes a DIRE EMERGENCY.  But not just for one child.  Because once someone sits on the toilet, EVERY KID in the house suddenly is about to pee all over herself. 

The event dictates behavior, dictates a wether.  Who knows who will actually be the one to trigger a mass urination-urge? Who will be the victim of late-arrival (and thus have to wait for three cycles of peeing) before she gets a turn?

So the angels sing alleluia. I get a second toilet.  Oh, yeah, I got a nephew, too.  Much to be thankful for today.

As my niece often closes the thanks we give at dinner:  "Hay, MAN!"


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  1. OK, bitch caught me. Really, there’s only 6:1 since the monster toddler still isn’t really using the toilet. But he still complicates things by being underfoot while the other kids do the pee dance.

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