a day of not-quite firsts

So, I’ve been fretting lately, here and elsewhere, about the baby. Or toddler. Or monster demon child. I was on the phone with my cookie mom** today, and the baby walks by me and lets loose with a shriek that would wake Hades. Just for the hell of it, apparently, because he was not hurt and nowhere near a cat to be either excited by or scratched by. Cookie mom asks me “Omigod what happened? Is he OK?”

Yeah, he’s OK. He just, you know, screams a lot. Frequently. And he can scream with an intense, glass-shattering high pitch AND a low gutteral vibration at the SAME time. People in India train for years to do this. In fact, Brian found that I have a recording program on my iBook just the other day, so I just may record this superhuman noise and post it here for your listening pleasure. hahaha. Like it would be “pleasurable.” 🙂

So, I fret about him. Mostly because he still nurses and still wakes up several (and by several I mean 5-10) times a night to nurse. Actually, he nurses to sleep, and wakes up if I attempt to remove myself. Or if I roll over. Or if I breathe.

Today we made a little progress. I put him in his crib, which he rarely sleeps in, at 1100 am. At 1120, he fell asleep. Without a boob, without rocking. With a good amount of screaming (and screaming and screaming and gagging on his own saliva and screaming and gagging), of course.

Tonight, I put him in his crib. He cried a little. I rubbed his back a little. BUT THEN HE WENT TO SLEEP, praise Yahweh. It is nearly midnight, and he sleeps THERE, not under my boob. I’ll report back in the morning.

(This is a near-first, because Hannah did sleep in a crib for a couple of months.)

The second near-first: I now own a cellular phone. Apparently, Brian felt that since every car I drive could break down at any time, it would be a good thing for me to carry a phone. I’m ambivalent. I was actually proud to be a non-phone entity, though I am embarrassed to admit the number of times I have mooched minutes from other people.

(This is a near-first because we had one briefly while I was pregnant with Hannah, but quickly realized that we couldn’t afford it AND a baby.)

UP NEXT: a report from the Geography Department’s colloquium, where Sharon Moran reported on the water cycle, septic tanks, and composting toilets! Good, good stuff.

**for those of you unschooled in the jargon of Girl Scouts, the cookie mom is the GODDESS who takes care of keeping track of money, ordering and dispensing cookies, going to meetings for cookie sales, setting up booth sales, and earning ALL my gratitude and possibly a gift certificate for a massage because I DON’T WANT TO DO THAT