the title of her blog is worth it

OK, I have a confession: the blogroll you see at the left? It’s not mine. It’s from about 4 months ago. I’m a bad blogger; I need to update it horribly.

But it’s gotten so far behind that I couldn’t possibly introduce all the new people that live in my bloglines account. But one does deserve a bit of talking-up: Bad Mother. The title is, to me, brave and ironic in one: if she really were a *bad* mom, she wouldn’t be admitting it. But she, like all moms who try soooo hard (warning: horribly sweeping generalization to follow!!), always feels as though she’s falling a bit short.

I link to her here mainly for my own self; in this particular post she talks about how her daughter normally receives the brunt of her wrath. My daughter, indeed, becomes the one I shriek and swing at. H, who is 8, is soo like me. She is snippy and rude and self-important. She argues and backtalks and thinks she’s got all the answers. She gets in trouble at dance for telling other kids that they’re doing it wrong.

She is just like me, and I don’t want her to be. I want her to be gentle and mindful and generous.

But I snip at her and tell her she does things wrong and tell her to quit arguing and yelling as I’m arguing and yelling at her.



3 thoughts on “the title of her blog is worth it

  1. I do the same here. My daughter grates on me more than my son. I’m not sure why. It’s possible that she’s like me, but I’m not sure. She seems so much more “out there” than I am or was. I try to hold back and try to find the good in her whenever I can.

  2. On really bad parenting: School’s cancelled? Hmm. *The* epitome of morning foggy-headedness, (relying on a web site from some other metropolitan area–Providence, RI!–as my informant for school closings), I just sent Ph. out the door.

    Have a good day!

    Twenty minutes later…(that’s a twenty-minute ellipses), Ph.’s at the door, and damned cold. Guess that’s what we get for not turning on the trusty-if-rusty television for morning weather report. So you’re probably right that Bad Mother’s probably not really a bad mother. But you’ll notice that my blog title doesn’t say anything about botched parenting. Um. The truth in omissions? Wonder if I can make up for miss-sending him to school by boiling up some hot chocolate or something. (If only we had some.)

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