a new favorite :)

I am a candy bar junkie. It’s really not a cool thing, since I’m such a health nut wannabe. In fact, I’m inching toward being a vegetarian again, simply because meat is so damn expensive. Plus I don’t like to cook it, either. I am terrified of my kids eating half-cooked chicken, or worse, *me* eating half-cooked chicken ::gag:: I make a mean chicken soup, but only after I boil the hell out of the bird parts.

Oh, I digress. But here comes another one: I tried making cannellini (damn spell check doesn’t work in Safari!) patties last night (out of a beloved Mooooosewood cookbook), but they were dry. And tasteless. And pasty. Did I mention gross? They were. The strange baby, who doesn’t eat much of anything, ate them, but no one else did, including my brother who will return after a night shift at UPS and eat a leftover bowl of soggy cornflakes someone left out.

To the point, here: my birthday’s coming up. 🙂 B brought me an early present tonight: a hershey’s Take 5 bar. I about had a…well, it was soooo good. Luckily, they’re vegetarian.

In other news: I may win the award for the laziest Brownie leader. Our meeting tonight consisted of me bringing a kid’s yoga DVD, shoving the couch in the church library to one side of the room, and sitting on said couch as my 10 Brownies grunted and giggled through the routine.

Well, then we went to the kitchen and made yogurt (damn spell check-lack) and fruit smoothies. So, I did a *little*.


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  1. Sounds like an excellent Brownie activity on a chilly day! I have a tragic Bluebird memory of a sleepover gone bad, when our alcoholic leader sat in the popcorn. See, you’re a *fabulous* leader!

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