the battery red

With my battery indicator showing that sliver of red, I finish an hour of work that commences the hour of work I will do for six days a week from now until all current pressing projects are finished. I thank 43 Folders, which is fast becoming one of my fave sites, for this plan of action (AKA overcoming my PERSONAL SUCK).

That list of projects will not exist here–I need to post them for people in my house to see so that I have some sort of physical evidence that my existence here is not simply as the maid, cook, wet nurse, baby sitter, and nag. I’d like to get a huge cork board to hang above my desk so that I can post things like “CURRENT PROJECTS”–indeed, a kind of print-based billboard blog for a very specific readership (too bad the monster can’t read).

I have wrangled one supporter, kind of: after a brief but helpful talk with the H this evening (which consisted of him asking “What’s bothering you?” and me listing all the stuff I didn’t get done last semester and all the stuff I have to do this semester and nearly crying because I’d much rather be a dental hygienist), he said, “It’s 10:00. You can work for an hour. But NO BLOGGING.”