flail, a little

I flail at the cusp of classes beginning tomorrow.

In a frenzy of domestic prowess-wanna-be, I spent this afternoon whipping up a fabulous cream of zucchini carrot bisque and some delectable raspbery almond bars.

I spent the late afternoon/early evening (until now) eating a bowl of soup, a raspberry bar, a bowl of soup, a raspberry bar, etc.

I’m nursing a sore knee, and off the training schedule until Thursday; however the forecast calls for a high of NINE that day, so I might be resting until Friday.

In other (flailing) news: working to find a crib for the monster toddler. He still is not sleeping through the night (at 15 months) and after polling my fellow mother-friends, have realized that not all kids prefer to sleep-share. It is hard for me to believe, but at this point I’m willing to try anything.

Further, if he is not in bed with us, it will be easier for me to stop nursing him several times a night (to shut him up, as it were). Which in turn will make it easier for me to wean him.

Hopefully when monster toddler is 16 he won’t happen upon these archives and find me calling him a monster. If he does, let me say this: Joshua, I love you Bob-bob. You are cute and loveable and a bring a great deal of laughter and joy to this house. But right now, you have removed the cable from my laptop and are chewing the plug AND grabbing for the keys. And you keep saying “Hot. Hot.”

(Do ethernet cables carry an electric current like phone wires?)

I love you Joshua. You are a challenge. You are my baby. But you are a M O N S T E R.


2 thoughts on “flail, a little

  1. Oh, I love you for asking, casually, “do ethernet cables carry a charge?” It’s the kind of thing I would say.

    Obviously, the kid’s not dead, so it can’t be too fatal 😉

  2. My daughter is 8. When she was an A N G E L toddler (and she was), she used to play with the phone by our bed. I would unplug it so she could.

    When she started chewing on THAT plug, I learned that phone wires carry current. Uh, she learned too.

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