when your baby will only eat garlic bagel crisps

oh, he likes to suck on double A batteries, too.

The dilemma: my lovely neighbor and I are travelling to Virginia Beach for spring break to run the Shamrock. I will be fulfilling a very important do-before-I-turn-30-goal (marathon). Other do-before-I-turn-30-goals include finish last degree (ain’t happening), pay off debts (hello, student loan until I’m 90), and publish a poem in a *real* journal (44th Street at ODU just doesn’t count) are all without reach. The marathon, however, is nearly doable. Nearly.

However, my little baby boy, who is 14 months now, is nowhere near ready to wean. He will not touch baby food, and will eat some adult food (cooked carrots, french fries, yogurt, garlic bagel crisps) but only for fun. He shuns kid food like pbj and applesauce, and if he’s cranky-hungy, he doesn’t want to do anything but nurse. He does drink water and milk from a cup quite well, but again, I suspect it’s because he relishes the act, not because he is particularly thirsty.

So, how to leave for a weekend? I have already passed the Medela on to younger sister, who expects in Feb. Besides, I’m WAAAY past wanting to express. Do *I* wean him? I feel like if I do that, I’m being selfish AND I will starve him into eating real food. He and I have a tenuous relationship; he prefers Brian to me (unless he wants some boob), probably because I left him with Brian at three days old to go back to school. All I need is to further traumatize him.

So: the baby comes with? It’s looking that way. It’s not like we’ll be partying or anything (neither D nor I are big drinker/partier peop), but I can see how a toddling body will cramp my driving style (he likes many things better than driving on long trips). It’ll probably take us 10 hours now, insteaad of 8.5.

I mentioned to Brian: you know those leash seatbelts they make for dogs? Maybe we can use one for Josh. Then he can climb around the back seat to his heart’s content, and we won’t have to stop every 20 minutes to let him stretch his baby legs.

Brian wasn’t amused.


2 thoughts on “when your baby will only eat garlic bagel crisps

  1. Okay, here’s the non-mom perspective: you’ve got two months. A lot could happen. His little synapses are growing miles and miles each day–who knows what he’ll decide to do tomorrow, or next week. So, yeah, maybe you have to plan for now to take him with, but maybe, just maybe, he’ll work it all out before then.

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