Fear and Trembling (in Academe)

Link: Fear and Trembling (in Academe).

Above: an addition to the blogroll, a dear friend from school, Jen Wingard busts into the blogosphere.

Already in two posts she has achieved what I, in 80-odd posts, am still working toward: self-effacing intellectualism.

I think I do the self-effacing OK. 🙂

On the agenda for today:

1 Jack’s Christmas program at school
2 Finish reflective essay
3 Finish grading and turn grades in
4 Figure out how to change the banner to include an image in MT (working on changing it via the instructions offered here by elise , but haven’t had luck–suggestions, anyone?)
5 NOT run, unless my crazy neighbor talks me into it. It’s only supposed to be 8 today.


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