back in the saddle

The lull in blog activity has been a result of the horrible stomach virus that has wracked CNY. Entire schools have been closed because of this wretched bug. My family was down last week with it–and it’s not a pretty thing, let me tell you.

Instead, I’ll simply say [Gratuitous Plug]: thank God I have a Bissell Green Machine. It’s lightweight enough that I, weak from days of non-eating, could lug it around my house, steam cleaning the various liquid and not-so-liquid-yet-still-grossly-wet body fluids of my family members (who were also not eating, yet still barfing everywhere, somehow).

I’m finally 100%. Back to the blog, back to writing, and back to the avoidance of cleaning my house (ooooh, it is a mess). I’ve spent the last of my sick days laundering linens and I don’t want to do any more laundry. The dishes wait to be washed. The christmas tree, while up and decorated, sits amidst various storage boxes that the ornaments came out of.

My aggregator is full of bold, double digit numbers. I will catch up, I will! I will post something substantial! I will finish my reflective essay! I won’t clean my house!!


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